Roller Blinds

Creating a year round protected patio area with a versatile range of drop down blinds or roller blinds. Our roller blinds come in a large range of local and imported fabrics with price ranges to suit your personal style and budget.

PVC Roller Blinds

PVC Roller Blinds operate off remote control, gear operation or rope and pulley systems.  All blinds are manufactured to your specifications.  Other options instead of PVC are imported Sunworker, Acrylic Awning Canvas and Riblock / Rip Stop.


Other Similar Products


Sunworker offers complete privacy from the outside and yet full view of your garden from the inside. More…

Canvas Roller Blinds

Made with top quality local and imported fabric in a selected range of colors and styles.

Operating Systems

Depending on your needs, structure and budget, there are 3 operating systems you can choose from.

Motorised System

This comes with a remote control for ease of raising & dropping of your blinds. This system also allows for tensioning of your blind when down.

Gear System

This is manually operated using a crank handle and allows for tensioning of the blind when down and secured

Rope & Pulley System

This is manually operated by using a rope to lift & and drop your blinds

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